So that Google finds my professional home page, I seem to need to leave this link in place. That is the place to go for information on my research, activities as a professor at MIT, etc.
the man himself
Adam Chlipala, person

"There you are right," I admitted. "Unfortunately it is a habit, a vice of mine, always to speak my mind as much as possible, as indeed Goethe did, too, in his better moments. In his chaste drawing-room Goethe would certainly never have allowed himself to use an outrageous, a genuine and unqualified expression. I sincerely beg your wife's pardon and your own. Tell her, please, that I am a schizomaniac. And now, if you will allow me, I will take my leave."

-- Harry Haller, Steppenwolf

Welcome to my personal home page. You can get in touch with me at:


Wizard's hat Information on my interests, projects, and history
Groucho Lambda I'm an associate professor in computer science at MIT. My research focuses on improving the software development process using automated and semi-automated mathematical reasoning. See my research web site for more information.
HCoop I founded this online cooperative, which uses democratic processes to manage Internet hosting services for paying members, though I'm no longer volunteering there.

Things I like
Book You can read my book recommendations and see what I'm reading lately.
Want to see my new horse? Someone once told me that webcomics aren't high art. I dropped a safe on him.

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