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  • Aanigo Software Productions

    Current Products

  • WinInfo
      A GNU Info browser for Windows 95 and NT. Very similar to Netscape and other web browsers, with a history accompanied by Back and Forward buttons. Features Contents, Index, and Find features like in Windows Help.
  • Brimstone
      A Street Fighter II-like fighting game still in development, Brimstone is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth teeming with bizarre mutants and demons. Will feature 16-bit color with 800x600 resolution, digital sound, keyboard and joystick play, and head-to-head modem and network capability.
  • Bobo, Your System Analyst
      Chances are that, at one point, you joined most Windows users in the unpleasant predicament of running out of hard drive space. The next step was a witchhunt throughout your HD to find the memory-hogging programs and delete the little buggers, an extremely exhausting task with the tools that come with Windows 95. Bobo, your friendly system analyst, can solve your problems. He presents you with a table showing just how much space each of your directories takes up, even including space used in subdirectories. Tell him to give individual information on the subdirectories of a particular directory, and he does it. An invaluable tool for any Windows user.

      Maintained by Adam Chlipala.